For most SMEs, the need to have an efficient and reliable I.T. system is crucial to their business but potentially time-consuming and expensive to maintain. Which is why, at Sabre ICT we offer flexible, fully outsourced I.T. support services specifically designed around the needs and nuances of each individual business.

Our managed I.T. support contracts will be tailored to your business, providing peace of mind and a cost-effective, hassle free approach to maintaining and managing the equipment and software crucial to your day-to-day work.  

We’ll act as your I.T. department, providing complete management for your network so you can apply focus to those other important things, like growing your business; safe in the knowledge that we’ll keep your technology operational and working as you need it.

Service Helpdesk and Remote Support

Our experienced service desk engineers are the very best in the industry, available during normal business hours to assist with any IT related issues. Using secure remote connections, our service desk team are able to resolve 80% of support calls remotely, dramatically reducing resolution times.

24/7 Systems Monitoring

As part of our managed services we can provide a round the clock I.T. systems management platform which can alert us quickly to any sudden problems that arise within your I.T. infrastructure.  This speed of detection means we can react swiftly to any issues, resolving them before they have too disruptive an impact on the business.

We monitor all devices in your network including servers, PCs and Macs, printers, routers, switches, firewalls and all server-based software, providing a real-time holistic view of your network’s performance.

Proactive Maintenance

With access to a live dashboard of your system at all times, our service desk engineers are able to continually and routinely monitor the performance of your system. Through full training, skill and experience they have the ability to identify and resolve issues before they become disruptive to the day to day operations of your business.

In addition, we automatically maintain your IT infrastructure at its optimal efficiency, managing firewalls and updating systems with the latest software releases, security patches and bug fixes. In doing so we can maintain the smooth running of your I.T. system and ensure continual vigilance against outside threats such as viruses, hacking or malware.

Free Onsite Support

We find that in the majority of instances our technicians are able to resolve any I.T. issues remotely which can speed up resolution and potential downtime costs in your company. However, we recognise that there will be occasions where the presence of an engineer is required to come on-site to get the issue resolved.  With many I.T. support providers this type of service will result in additional call-out fees, over and above your standard rates. Well, that’s not how we do things at Sabre ICT. When you sign up for a managed I.T. support contract with us you’ll have access to FREE UNLIMITED support for both remote and on-site work, all of which will be included in your fixed monthly fee.

“My company has been using Sabre for IT Support since 2008, the previous IT company promised us the world but didn’t deliver.  Sabre have exceeded our expectations and can always be relied on no matter what time of the day we call them.  Sabre recently installed new Servers for us and as always was painless and without downtime.  I only wish our other suppliers was as easy to deal with”
Owner, Haulage Company, Barry