At Sabre we don’t believe that I.T. support should be just about servicing and repairing the installed hardware and software in your network. This is why we pride ourselves in being able to supply a fully comprehensive range of hardware equipment for your every need.

Since our establishment in 2000 we’ve built up a vast degree of procurement experience within the computer and related technology industry, developing relationships with major suppliers of I.T. equipment as well as becoming official partners to the majority of leading I.T. vendors. This has meant we have become leading suppliers and I.T. hardware experts to business clients throughout South Wales.

What That Means For You

Our long-standing relationships with major suppliers throughout Europe, alongside our reputation as a professional and trusted I.T. Support business enables us to get the hardware you need at the best prices available.

Through our extensive portfolio we have access to millions of products, many of which can be available on a competitively priced next day deliver basis.

Also, while we’re partners with the majority of leading vendors we don’t have any specific ties to one in particular. This means that we have the facility to ‘shop around’ on your behalf to ensure you are getting the very price for your product. Additionally, you can be assured that when you are discussing your hardware needs to one of our consultants, you will be getting completely impartial advice and suggestions to ensure you get the best product to meet your needs and budget.

Some of our More Popular Supply Lines

  • Servers
  • Desktop PC’s/Laptops/Tablets
  • General Components
  • Routers/Switches/Firewalls
  • Tape Drives, NAS Drives, SAN’s
  • Input Devices
  • Monitors/Projectors/Large Displays
  • Printers/Plotters/Scanners
  • Wireless Equipment
  • Barcode Scanners
  • UPS Equipment
  • General Network Equipment

Whether leading brands or specific niche components let us know what I.T hardware you require and we’ll endeavour to supply it quickly and at the best price available. Alternatively, if you require new hardware for your business but aren’t quite sure of what option is best for you then allow us to help. Tell us your situation and we’ll provide professional and impartial advice on what equipment is going to most suitably meet your needs.

For all your I.T. Support requirements why not contact us for your no obligation quote?

“I have personally used Sabre since they started in 2000 from the various companies I have worked for.  I am an IT manager myself so mainly use Sabre for the procurement of hardware and software.  Geraint is always very quick to respond and prices are always very keen and compete favourably with the big boys nationally.  Would have no hesitation in recommending Geraint and Sabre for the procurement of hardware and software for your business”
IT Manager, Recruitment Company, Cardiff