Is your I.T. system as secure as it could be?

The fact is, in this age of computer viruses, hackers and malware, to underestimate the importance of I.T. security is the same as leaving the doors and windows of your office open overnight.

What we mean by I.T. Security

I.T. security is all about being diligent in the protection of your business’ crucial information and data against unauthorised access, theft and damage.

Data theft is a very real and significant threat which can cause a great deal of harm or disruption to any business or organisation. And the sad fact of modern life is that everyone is a potential victim of this attack on their privacy.

At Sabre ICT we take the potential dangers very seriously and work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that they receive the highest levels of protection available to them. Since 2000 we’ve worked with a wide range of businesses in Cardiff and surrounding areas to ensure their online and I.T. security is robust.

Desktop/Tablet/Server Virus and Malware protection

We’ll carry out checks on your hardware and servers to ensure that you have the correct, and most up to date virus and malware protection installed. These types of threats are ever evolving and increasingly more potent and complex so it’s really imperative that your system updates its protection regularly to give you the most effective barrier.

Network protection at the network entry point

Points of access onto a system’s network have long been a source of vulnerability with malicious bugs finding these points in which to invade your system. We’ll use tried and tested techniques to identify all such entry points onto your network and implement protective measures such as firewalls which can control access to and from the network.

Secure network access

A large factor in the protection of your network is the control of those who can access it. We’ll help you set up stringent security to ensure that only those with authorised personnel can access the system. We can also then look at security measures on how data is transferred between computers restricting both access and transfers where necessary.

Encrypting your data

The idea of using a form of encryption (or code) to protect data is a notion that goes back long before the invention of computers, but it’s a method that can certainly prove effective in the fight against digital crime. We can introduce such things as an encryption cipher to your system which will make any data illegible to all those without the pass code.

Data loss by disgruntled employees.

The threat to your I.T. security is not, sadly, only from outside sources. Indeed, the reality is that a large proportion of data theft comes from people within an organisation – be it a disgruntled employee or perhaps a recently departed employee. We’ll work with you, utilising our many years of I.T. Security to ensure that best practices are implemented, from how employees can access sensitive data to password controls and other preventative measures.

Cloud security

This is a large and growing issue in I.T. security. As we store more and more data in ‘The Cloud’ (digital online storage) you need to ensure that that cloud is robustly protected. At Sabre ICT we provide cloud storage for your data that will be delivered with a fully monitored and ultra-high level of security so that your data is as fully protected as it is possible to be. 

For more information or to talk about any of your I.T. security concerns please give us a call or get in touch through our online form and we’ll be happy to provide a free no obligation quote on how we can best protect your data.