Your I.T. system is likely to be an ever-evolving aspect of your business. As different factors change either within your business or through changes to technologies, environment or personnel so this can have an impact on the effectiveness or reliability of your system.

Changes may be small but there is always the chance that such changes can have an impact on your business which could affect:

  • Productivity
  • Reliability of your System
  • Threats against malware or viruses
  • Overall Suitability for the demands of your business

Of course, there’s also the fact that sometimes things that aren’t working properly may have gone unnoticed which, if fixed, could improve the overall working of your system.

For these reasons we are pleased to offer a free and fully comprehensive I.T. Audit to new and existing customers to provide you with a thorough understanding of how your I.T System is operating and any improvements or updates which could be implemented.

And don’t worry, we hate jargon and tech speak as much as you do, so we’ll deliver the results in a language we can all understand.

What the Audit Will Cover:

Specifications of PC’s, laptops and Servers

It’s a reality of life in the computer age that the technology and specifications of our PCs and laptops are ever progressing and as such older equipment can sometimes be left behind, struggling to cope with advances in communication, media, storage or other aspects crucial to smooth and productive use.

The same is, of course, true of the servers we use on our networks. Are they large enough to contend with increasing levels of use and data, for example? Or how robust are they, and how often do they crash?

We’ll check the specs of all equipment from office PCs to laptops and other devices offering advice and areas for improvement. In addition we’ll review the reliability of your servers, suggesting how they may be updated or any improvements to overall ‘up-time’ i.e. how to keep them online for the maximum amount of time.

Desktop Operating systems being used and which service packs are installed.

As part of our bespoke approach to your I.T. support we’ll check your operating system to ascertain how suitable it is to meeting your business needs, offering advice and recommendations should there be any scope for improvement. This might be ensuring that your system is working on the newest version or using the service packs and software that’s most compatible with your requirements.

What versions of MS Office you are running on all desktop PC’s and laptops

If your business operates on MS Office then we can audit your entire stock of PCs and laptops to ensure that all are running on the same version for compatibility across your network. In addition we’ll ensure that you’re using a version which is up-to-date enough to cope with new software and online specifications.

Server configuration including RAID setup and backup procedures in place

Ensuring your server is configured correctly enables your system to work at optimum performance. Within this we’ll look at how well your system stores and distributes data. This will include monitoring your RAID levels (redundant array of independent disks) looking at delivering the optimum balance (as suitable for your specific circumstances) between data storage, backup space and speed which your server transfers data.

Specification of network infrastructure including Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Wireless Access Points

We’ll review exactly how your I.T. network is setup, looking at the performance, safety and suitability of each component part of your system. For high level ongoing I.T. support we would ensure that your network infrastructure is correctly set up from the outset so we can provide the best levels maintenance moving forward.

Check what security software is in place and if it is up to date.

We’ll review the software you may have in place to protect your system from attacks, viruses and malware, reporting and advising on areas which can be improved or updated.

Full IT Review document covering your current setup and recommendations going forward.

On completion of the audit we’ll present back to you a comprehensive report on our findings. This will outline how your I.T. system is currently set up, highlighting any areas in which we believe repairs are required or improvements which could be made to improve the efficiency and productivity of your network.